Balt flood combat: Baltic and Piedmont against floods.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Balt flood combat: Baltic and Piedmont against floods. News received by Civil protection Volunteers Organization of Vercelli Province ( Italy) concerning the visit in Piedmont of one Baltic Countries Delegation.

Balt flood combat: Baltic and Piedmont against floods.

On September 13th. 2012 one Delegation of Baltic Countries ( Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia ) Civil Protection Organization European Plan " Balt Flood Combat" has visited the Piedmont Regional  Civil Protection with the main object to study the "European Mechanism" in case of floods or inundations. This "European Mechanism" must follow specific parameters as:

  • To be operative within 32 hours from the activation.
  • To be self-sufficient at least 4 days  ( board and lodging, energy, hygienics, materials managing, communications, local transports, logistic operative base ).
  • International complete operative cooperation.

It is important a specific training course made by "EU" with practical exercises and expert interexchange, actually there are 270 people coming from all over the world to promote the development new intervention procedure even in the light to establish the new unique european number 112..

The Piedmont Region has obtained the registration of a plan at high capacity pumping on "CESIS" ( Common Emergency Communication and Information System )  established by the "EU" Commission.

The Baltic Delegation has visited the Piedmont Regional and Protection  Headquarters in Turin and then has reached the branch in Vercelli, looking the prompt intervention devices of the plan "HCP" that is composed by:

  • Nr. 3 powerful electro-pumps floating.
  • Nr. 2 Big water-scooping machines ( Total capacity 700 liters / seconds ).
  • Mud and polluted materials suction devices.
  • Big bags in plastic materials, filled of sands  to create temporary embankments.
  • Swelling barriers. ( NOAQ ).

Other equipments shown to the Baltic Delegation have been: electricity generators, lighthouse tower, telescopic fork lift, motor boat for divers, tents, kitchens and services.

All the materials and devices are stowed in containers that move on equipped tricks and trailers, s.u.v., radio transmission units, pullmans, campers and mobile workshop.

The people involved are 25 skilled volunteers coming from Alessandria and Vercelli branches, all co-ordinates by two Piedmont Regional Civil Protection officers.

25 Volunteers people are professionals as: drivers, electricians, mechanicians, engineers, divers, experts of emergency and managers of resources and with the attitude to work in team and deal with every difficult situation.

The Baltic Delegation Leader considered extremely important these kind of meetings where it has been possible  exchange experiences and suggestions to reach high training levels  and capacity to work  and to be linked with an international synergy net.       


CIVIL PROTECT 2013 - Sergey Molchanov (EMERCOM RUSSIA)