CIVIL PROTECTION NEWS is an independent and international magazine on-line attending to emergency and civil protection in the wider and general rescue and relief sense.
The communication instruments on web net dedicated to this field are essentially sites and/or portals. One magazine on-line was lacking.

Our Founder and Director, Dr. Luca Calzolari, with a great passion coming from his volunteer long activity, has personally invested in work and resources.
The aim is to become, through our job, a reference point for the field stakeholders and for all the citizens.

Following our philosophy we will deal with several subjects concerning the Civil Protection in a wide perspective: like the the concept of resilience, that is a system to prevent and to give organized answers to the urgency and the emergency and like a place of competence and cultural elaboration even for the political institutions and technical and technological matters.

We would like to involve in this editorial adventure the volunteers associations giving them the opportunity to be leaders of the information.

By the user's registration it is possible to participate to an extended editing and offer to the readers, after the examination of the central editorial staff; news, stories in direct time, incentives, reportages, interviews and remarks.

On Civil Protection News You will read international news and examinations with a range from reports to the association activities, from national to the local politics, from the emergency to the training, from the themes of the volunteers to those ones of rescue and relief professions, communication and prevention, from research to the technological innovation and further more.

The associations have an instrument to make a name for themselves and communicate their activity meetings.

By the user's registration they could input their profile and inform about meetings and exhibitions dates and further more.

The Publisher of the magazine is the Company Cervelli in Azione s.r.l.

The Editorial Staff
Director : Luca Calzolari

Editorial Staff: Patrizia Calzolari, Sarah Murru, Walter Milan, Stefano Mandelli, Lorenzo Arduini, Enzo Voci

(Published on Sunday, May 19, 2024).


CIVIL PROTECT 2013 - Sergey Molchanov (EMERCOM RUSSIA)