“RoboBusiness Europe”: the first European event dedicated to business-to-business robotics

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The partnership between Americans and Italians is aimed at giving a voice to the sector of professional robotics in Europe by applying the “Conference & Expo” model, already tried and tested in the United States with eight editions.

“RoboBusiness Europe”: the first European event dedicated to business-to-business robotics

The first European edition of the event with a view to developing the Robotics industry in Europe will be held at the Porto Antico Conference Centre in Genoa on 11 and 12 April.

Numerous leading international experts have already confirmed their attendance at the Conference, including representatives from: International Federation of Robotics (IFR), European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA), the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) and the Associazione Italiana di Robotica e Automazione (SIRI).

Even the European Commission, in the DG CONNECT Robotics Unit, which represents the highest level of the Commission for robotics, has already confirmed its participation in what is aiming to be the “historical moment” for the first European robotics network.

Sergio Orlandi, Head of the ITER Directorate for the construction  of the nuclear fusion reactor near Aix en Provence, confirmed his attendance too.

Mr. Orlandi (formerly General Manager at Ansaldo Nucleare) will represent the International Organization ITER, potential key client for the robotics systems and remotized machines manipulation sector.

The session dedicated to Venture Capitalists is rapidly growing thanks to several important participations: among the attendees IBAN (Italian Business Angels Network), 360° Capital Partners, Atlante Ventures – Intesa Sanpaolo, Fondamenta Sgr.

RoboBusiness Europe will adopt the American format of “Conference & Expo”: a succession of round tables, meetings, talks, networking, sharing of international experiences and case histories aimed at business development.

The target, one hundred per cent professional, is split into four categories:

  • Research: universities and technical centres of excellence engaged in concrete solutions such as patents and spin-offs;
  • Companies producing wide-ranging robotic solutions;
  • End-users, these also belong to the market of businesses, services and users;
  • Finance: Venture Capitalists, banks, investment funds.

Several landmarks along the journey have led to this achievement today, three of which are fundamental: the establishment of the partnership between EH Publishing and Innovability which took place in Pittsburgh in late October 2012; the immediate involvement of ClickUtility in organising the event; the creation of a Think Tank which was held in Genoa on 9 November 2012 and was attended by thirty experts from across Europe who discussed and validated the contents of the event.

The Think Tank gave rise to the RoboBusiness Europe advisory board, a practical response to the strategic decision by EH Publishing to bring the event also to Europe after eight successful years in America.

Italy was chosen as the location for the first edition due to its long tradition and great advances made in the field of robotics. It is actually a little known fact that this Italian sector reached its fiftieth year in 2012.

Genoa was chosen, on the other hand, due to the concentration of excellences located in the Ligurian capital, such as the Italian Institute of Technology, the University Polytechnic School and the Robotics Centre.

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Information on RoboBusiness Europe: www.robobusiness.eu


Information on Innovability and ClickUtility:

Innovability (www.innovability.it) is an Italian point of reference for the chain of operators in the industry of ICT technologies, in particular, wireless, mobile and multimedia; it has staged successful B2B and B2C events for more than a decade.

ClickUtility (www.clickutility) specialises in organising events, management training, B2B marketing and European projects; it operates in the sectors of mobility and local public services, transport and logistics, energy and environment and hi-tech.

Information on EH Publishing Inc. / RoboticTrends Media Group – division of EH Publishing:

EH Publishing Inc. (www.ehpub.com) is a leader in publications, websites, newsletters and exhibitions for the consumer electronics industry. EH Publishing Inc. reaches over a million industry professionals and consumers through multimedia channels of key products, including CE Pro, Commercial Integrator, Elettronica Casa and Media TechDecisions.

Robotics Trends Media Group is the leading multimedia company to service the market of robotics with Robotics Trends Publishing (www.roboticstrends.com), Robotics Business Review (www.roboticsbusinessreview.com) and Robotics Trends Events, which produces the RoboBusiness Leadership Summit (www.robobusiness.com) and virtual conferences (www.robovirtualevents.co)





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