Flood Guardian: water levels and environmental data measuring

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Real-time monitoring of the main meteorological and hydrogeological parameters available via the Flood Guardian system, designed by Clear S.r.l., which allows to make targeted interventions for forecasting and management of emergencies.

Flood Guardian: water levels and environmental data measuring


Born in 1983, Clear S.r.l. is 30 years old: three decades of experience, skill and know-how focused on building equipments and systems for the supply of materials and components for both civil and military applications.

In this context, in recent years Clear S.r.l. - a certified company ISO9001 and AQAP-2120 (NATO standard) has built FLOOD GUARDIAN, an innovative expandable system for real-time monitoring of the main environmental data (precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind, etc...) and hydrographical parameters (water level of rivers).

Flood Guardian is a Hydrometric Metereological Data Network and is one of the key instruments in the field of forecasting and prevention of hydrogeological risks.  

But what exactly is the FLOOD GUARDIAN system?
The availability in real time 24h of data to help monitoring the evolution of weather events and the response of the territory from the hydrogeological point of view is a fundamental and indispensable support for local government, civil protection, rescuers and other local authorities involved in the management of emergencies linked to hydrological risk. To know when an unexpected event will happen or could happen and being able to assess its true impact is vital to make quick decisions and put in place effective interventions targeted to both the prevention and the management of the emergency: the FLOOD GUARDIAN system therefore allows a constant monitoring of the assigned territory.

These, in short, are the performances and the key features of FLOOD GUARDIAN:

- Real-time knowledge of the progress of the water level of rivers and the extent of precipitations. To know exactly the level of water also allows you to immediately detect changes due to obstacles to normal flow (such as landslides, accumulated material on bridges, etc.);
- Collection, storage, display and processing of meteorological and hydrological data, with simultaneous diffusion of the data on territory towards enabled monitoring locations;
- Ready availability of the collected data to be featured in hydrological annual records and in various contexts such as meteorology, hydrology, hydrogeology, environmental studies, water and territory management in general;
- A network of sensors that can be placed on the territory in a simple and completely autonomous way, connected via special communication low power radio expandable system.

The Hydrometric Metereological Data Network consists of two major subsystems:
- the peripheral stations system;
- the radio/GSM system and the Control and Supervision Centre (CP-dedicated)
The data flow starts from the physical quantity detected by the sensor, which is converted to data by the acquisition unit of the station, then sent to the Control and Supervision Centre via the radio communication system. There, it is stored in a relational database, and after being processed and controlled it is automatically redeployed through RADIO / GSM / NETWORK to adopted receiving systems (Web / Mail / SMS / Radio).

FLOOD GUARDIAN, finally, is a slim and versatile system: it requires no auxiliary power than that provided by the batteries recharged by the Solar Panel provided in the station, it does not require radio, radio bridges or dedicated frequencies and it can be customized according to the specific needs of the user.

Clear S.r.l. is currently studying an event scheduling system for the simulation, the coordination and management of activities and resources in the light of possible emergency events, thereby closing the "virtuous circle" of technology at the service of prevention, forecasting and management of hydrogeological risk.

For more information: www.floodguardian.eu  www.clear-elettronica.it



CIVIL PROTECT 2013 - Sergey Molchanov (EMERCOM RUSSIA)