Earthquakes in Israel: a new training plan is ready

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

After last days shocks the government meets with great urgency, ordaining new precautionery measures. Israel is  a high seismic risk area, in the Syrian-African fault.

Earthquakes in Israel: a new training plan is ready

Four little earthquakes caused alarm in Israel institutional organizations, the premier Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, announced a list of measures to keep the people aware in case of seism.

Some extraordinary trainings had been organized in the schools as well as a new information plan for the people's behaviours.

After the shocks, the Israel government met to do the state of the art in a long meeting presided by Mr. Netanayhu, where many ministers, high rank army responsable of the passive defense, geologists and experts partecipated.

The four shocks registered in last days in the north of Israel did not caused victims or damages, but Israel is located along a fault, the Syrian-African one, at high seismic risk, specially the eastern side, the Jordan river valley, where an high intensity strong earthquake could have destructive results, with heavy consequences for the people.


CIVIL PROTECT 2013 - Sergey Molchanov (EMERCOM RUSSIA)