Two strong earthquake shakes registered in Mexico

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Endless minutes: The inhabitants nearby San Marco, town in Guerrero State, Mexico, have been frightened by two strong and long earthquake shakes.
At the time it seems there are no victims. Further update news are expected.

Two strong earthquake shakes registered in Mexico

Two very much closed earthquakes happened today in Mexico

The first, of magnitude MW 6.2 happened at h. 7.38, with epicentrum  in San Marcos ( near Acapulco ), in Guerrero state, on Pacific coast at a depth of 20 km.

The second, of magnitude MW 5.2, registered at h. 8.02, more or less in the same area, at a depth of 36.7 km.

At the time there are no news of considerable damages or victims, anyhow the shakes have been rather violent and well noticed even in the capital, Mexico City, far 268 km. from the epicentrum.
The buildings of the shakes concerned area have been evacuated. The people, of course greatly scared, poured into the streets.


CIVIL PROTECT 2013 - Sergey Molchanov (EMERCOM RUSSIA)