Hurricane Sandy: new fundings by EU to help the victims with an additional € 1,5 million

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A statement from the Member States of the European Union decrees the redirection  of more fundings to the countries most affected by the storm.

Hurricane Sandy: new fundings by EU to help the victims with an additional € 1,5 million

Almost five months ago, a tropical cyclone known as Hurricane Sandy devastated the Caribbean and the North American coasts, killing at least 300 people along its destructive path through seven countries. Harvests and crops were destroyed, sparking fears of food shortages, while the infrastructure was devastated in many regions. Humanitarian organization and state institutions have already mobilised funds to provide emergency assistence to the most affected countries, but more good news come now from the European Union, who has just increased its fundings to the victims of the disaster.

After having already mobilised € 10 millions in 2012 to help countries like Haiti (€ 6 million) and Cuba (€ 4 million), the EU has increased its aid in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica by giving € 1,5 million for further relief. Provided from the reserve for humanitarian aid of the European Development Fund (EDF), these funds will be managed by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department ECHO.

In the Dominican Republic, almost 40.000 hurricane victims will benefit from an aid package of € 1 million. ECHO's partner organisations, namely the Spanish Red Cross and Oxfam, will focus on restoring damaged housing, improving access to drinking water, raising public awareness about the prevention of water-related diseases (dengue fever, cholera and leptospirosis) and helping the people most affected to regain their livelihoods.

Jamaica will receive € 0.5 million in aid, which will fund the operations of the French Red Cross aimed at repairing damaged homes, helping victims overcoming their losses and aid them in regaining their livelihoods.


European Commission - Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department


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