Music and solidarity: from Trento to Zimbabwe

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

With "All Aboard - Destination Musical!", the Lifeline Dolomites association is collecting funds to support women affected by cancer in Africa.

Music and solidarity: from Trento to Zimbabwe

Music for friendship, but also for solidarity. "All Aboard - Destination Musical" is a charity project going on stage these days in many theaters of Trentino. The project supports the diagnosis and early treatment of cervical cancer for women in Zimbabwe: 1500 of them will be treated in the next tree years thanks to this initiative.
The idea comes from the Lifeline Dolomites Onlus association of Pozza di Fassa. After a sold-out debut in Trento, the show will be on stage again on Wednesday, March 13, at the Meletti Auditorium at Mart Museum, in Rovereto, at 8.45 pm.

The musical combine  different souls: from the protagonists Ramiro Jzurieta e Iliana Mohaupt, professional dancers from Argentina - real stars of tango among the best known in their country - to Carlo Spagnolli, a doctor from Rovereto who has linked his name to many charity projects in Africa; from Mauro D'Alessio, artistic director of the Des Etoiles Association, to Andrea Cagol of Cinformi, the INformation Center for Immigration of the autonomous Province of Trento.

The show is addictive, fun, with rhythm. The charm of the music, the harmony of the dance, the mellow notes of the songs carry the viewer on a journey aboard a ship full of imagination and emotions. But the biggest thrill comes from the awareness that behind a fun time there may be a helping hand to those in need. Access to health care in Africa is still very poor, and without the help of First World countries the African continent will hardly come out of the spiral of poverty and health issues.
"Here in Trentino - Ramiro and Iliana said during the press conference - Art becomes an added value that allows us to help others. We are proud of our cooperation with our friends from Trentino. The fact that tango is the music of longing and emotion makes us even closer to the project of solidarity which is linked to the show". According to Mauro D'Alessio, the show is "a metaphor for the journey of life, that despite all the uncertainties of the future needs to be addressed with the hope of being able to realize our dreams".


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